Thank you!! To the residents of the 5th precinct who have entrusted Linda to represent you, your family, your neighborhood, and our community – thank you for your support in the general election of 2020. To our support team, who gave their time, energy, insight, and expertise to assist in the campaign process – your dedication to collaborate and build are greatly appreciated. To all those who participated in the grassroots democratic process of conducting a local campaign – your tireless efforts are to be commended. 

Now it is time to get to work on behalf of Albion’s residents – the stakeholders whose decision to be in Albion is the reason why our public offices exist.

Albion’s newly elected public officials will be sworn into office on Monday, December 7th. We also recognize this as an infamous day that led our nation into the Second World War in 1941.

Leading up to December 7th, there are two study sessions that the newly elected officials have been invited to participate in: Wednesday, 11-18-20 DISCUSSION-DDA, CHAMBER & EDC CONSOLIDATION, and Saturday, 11-21-20 BUDGET STUDY SESSION.

There are also Newly Elected Officials training sessions facilitated through the Michigan Municipal League (MML) that will occur in December.

As a candidate, Linda was safely active within the precinct to help several residents register to vote.

The City of Albion is seeing more transition over the last three years than arguably ever seen before. Residents deserve to know more about how Albion is changing and play a bigger role in the city’s transformation. Linda’s professional and educational background align to facilitate shrewd leadership, equitable economic development, and long-term planning for every stage of life.

Through Linda’s eyes, Albion is stronger when we all work together. She has demonstrated this belief in numerous ways through her work, most recently co-hosting Albion’s first Flash Friday Forum, in which all candidates were invited and participated. Linda ran for public office to represent her lifelong neighbors – the families who call Albion home and people who love our city – whose contributions keep our community alive.

Visit the tabs below to learn more about Linda’s contributions to Albion and how her experiences as an Albion-native make her an excellent representative for Albion’s 5th Precinct.

Want to Support Linda?

Email us at or send us a message on Facebook if you’d like to volunteer with engagement efforts.

Register to Vote!

Help others register to vote also! Eligibility has changed and now only requires:

• You are a Michigan resident and resident of Albion for at least 30 days at the time you vote

• U.S. citizenship

• 18 years old at the time you vote

• Not currently serving a sentence in jail or prison. You CAN still vote if you have a criminal record.

Interested in contributing financially? Please see online donation options below.

Handwritten checks can be made out to “Linda LaNoue for Albion 5th Precinct” and mailed to P.O. Box 851, Albion, MI 49224.

Thank you!

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